When does a piano need restoration or rebuilding?

Most pianos can be played for many years without major repairs. However, the tone, touch, and appearance will continually decline with age. When regular maintenance such as cleaning, regulating, voicing, and tuning can no longer provide satisfactory performance, a piano may require restoration or rebuilding.

Exactly when a piano needs rebuilding or restoration depends on its original quality, the climate, usage, and performance requirements. One piano may need rebuilding after just twenty years, while another may need only restoration after fifty years. The best way to decide is to seek out a qualified piano rebuilder with the judgment, experience, and expertise to advise you on such an important decision. If your Registered Piano Technician does not offer rebuilding services, ask for referrals.

The preceding article is a reprint of a Technical Bulletin published by theĀ Piano Technicians Guild, Inc.It is provided on the Internet as a service to piano owners.