Hallet, Davis & Co. HS121S Professional Upright

You want grand piano sound, but don’t have the space for a grand. This Hallet, Davis & Co. professional upright fits the bill, and brings concert-quality sound to any space.

Like some other piano brands, Hallet, Davis & Co. has married Asian production efficiency with the best in German engineering. The result of that marriage is a piano that gives the player premium sound quality at more budget-friendly prices than the traditional premium piano lines.

The professional upright is as close as a player can come to a grand piano without owning a grand piano, and the quality of play is outstanding. Stop by Bruce Music Store to play this beautiful Hallet, Davis & Co. Professional Upright.

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This piano comes with our premium ten year warranty. If a climate control system is installed, it must be maintained properly year round. Piano must be tuned at least once a year for the warranty to be valid.
This piano includes delivery to the Oklahoma City metro. Outside area delivery available for very reasonable rates.

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Manufactured in:
Ebony Polish, Mahogany Polish, White Polish
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Hallet, Davis & Co. HS121S Professional Upright

Hallet, Davis & Co. HS121S Professional Upright

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