Rent-to-Own Used Pianos

Here are the current rental pianos we have available in our showroom. Not sure if you want to rent or buy your next piano? Learn more about our Piano Rental Process.

$1088.00 $988.00
Rent to own this piano for as low as $42 a month*

Bench top has new padding and a cover.

$888.00 $848.00
Rent to own this piano for as low as $35 a month*

Rent to own this piano for as low as $65 a month*

This 1971 Kawai console piano is an excellent instrument for any student. Kawai pianos provide wonderful sound quality and great ease of play. Because of their good sound and playability, Kawai pianos are a favorite…

$1988.00 $1788.00
Rent to own this piano for as low as $58 a month*

Here is the perfect starter piano with a newly refinished cabinet. Guaranteed approval and low monthly payments are available.

We also offer rental pianos for special events.
Uprights starting at $450 and Baby Grands Pianos starting at $650 which includes delivery and tuning. Contact us today for more information!

Affordable, quality, and convenient piano ownership for your home, church, business, or organization.

The Piano Rental Program is perfect for:

  • Parents who are not sure whether their children will stick with the piano or not, but still able to have a nice piano for them to practice on with a minimal expense.
  • New churches or churches without a big music budget.
  • Adult piano students, who are initially just interested in testing the waters to see how much they’ll enjoy it before making a longer commitment and buying their own piano.
  • University students who don’t have time to waste sitting in the practice room hallways, waiting for a piano to become available, and who would like to have a piano at home, but who don’t want the hassle of owning one, what with moving at the end of each school year, etc.
  • Professionals from other parts of the country on temporary job assignments.
  • Budget minded individuals that would rather pay small monthly payments instead of one big cash payment to have a nice piano in their home.
  • Real estate agents can rent these pianos to set up in their homes to add elegance to the staging.

More Piano Rental Information

Already Rented

The following pianos have already been rented, but they could become available sometime in the future. Check back regularly to see what new inventory we have!