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Bruce Piano has a wonderful selection of new and certified pre-owned upright pianos in Edmond, OK. Once you’ve found a few upright pianos that you’d like to try, stop by our showroom and play them. If you don’t see the piano you’re looking for, please use our Piano Finder Form and we’ll locate it for you. And remember, we offer no-hassle piano delivery in the OKC metro.

Rent to own this piano for as low as $40 a month*

Rent to own this piano for as low as $42 a month*

Pearl River PE121

This Piano features: Solid Brass Hardware German Röslau Strings Pearl River Hammers with imported Japanese White Felt, Mahogany Hammer Core Pearl River Action All Spruce Tapered Soundboard Ebony Sharps 17-ply Maple, Cross Banded Pin Block…

Pearl River UP115M5

The 45” UP115M5 Advanced-Design Studio Upright is one of the best selling “studio” pianos in North America, due to the model’s impressive construction and affordable price. This piano features, Solid Brass Hardware, German Röslau Strings,…

Pearl River UP109D

The most affordable hand-crafted piano in the industry. Pearl River is proud to present a high quality, hand-crafted piano at an extremely affordable price. This model includes premium hammers, butcher block style keybed, solid spruce keys…

Kawai 802-E

Yamaha M22

Rent to own this piano for as low as $50 a month*

Brodmann P124V

The Brodmann P124V is a 48″ upright that offers a sound quality that rivals some of the most well-known piano manufacturers such as Yamaha and Kawai. Brodmann’s Vienna Series pianos are built with materials and…

Hallet, Davis & Co HS115M2

A Hallet, Davis & Co. studio piano is a sound investment for any church or school setting. With full size direct blow action and grand size keys, this instrument is a joy to play for…

Rent to own this piano for as low as $100 a month*

This beautiful Hallet, Davis & Co. Console Piano in your choice of ebony polish or mahogany polish will make the perfect addition for even the smallest of spaces. Full size direct blow action and grand…

Hallet, Davis & Co. HS121S Professional Upright

You want grand piano sound, but don’t have the space for a grand. This Hallet, Davis & Co. professional upright fits the bill, and brings concert-quality sound to any space. Like some other piano brands,…

Rent to own this piano for as low as $233 a month*

Charles Walter, an engineer, was head of Piano Design and Developmental Engineering at C.G. Conn in the 1960s, when Conn was doing important research in musical acoustics. In 1969 Walter bought the Janssen piano name…

Rent to own this piano for as low as $142 a month*

Get a brand new, well-crafted piano with a ten-year warranty for the price of many used pianos. The HS118 is part of Hallet, Davis & Co.’s signature collection, featuring German Roslau strings, hornbeam action, and…

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