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Kate Keesey

Kate Keesey

Teacher in Oklahoma City

Phone: (405) 328-8333
Years Experience: 2
Ages: Adults

Founder and Co-Owner of Concordia Classical Music Studio, Kate Keesey studied voice at the collegiate level. In 2012, Kate won first place in the Oklahoma Music Teachers Association’s statewide solo voice competition. Her foundation in piano, which benefited her greatly when she started private voice lessons, began in late elementary school with her older sister, Jane, as her first teacher. Since her own music education began, she has enjoyed helping other soloists gain confidence in their musical abilities.

Kate’s love of music dawned when her older sister and business partner, Jane Spears, began music lessons when she was a child. Immediately taken with what her sister was learning in voice, Kate practiced with Jane often. Though Kate did not begin formal voice lessons until she was fifteen, she stayed in her school choir from the fifth grade on. This late introduction to private voice lessons strengthened her belief that music education does not need to begin in early childhood, and her resolve to share her love of music with others grew.

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