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Matina Hunnell

Matina Hunnell

Piano Teacher in Norman

Phone: (405)919-9366
Years Experience: 10
Ages: Any
Instruments: Piano

Hi! I’m Matina Hunnell; music instructor, performer and songwriter. I’m also a mom and wife who loves camping, good coffee, green smoothies, live jazz, gardening, travel, chill time and good food with family and friends.
For as long as I can remember, I have loved music! Growing up, everything I saw or did was inspiration for a song. I am very grateful for my supportive parents, who were always helping me search out ways to develop as a young musician from piano lessons to choirs, shows, conferences and songwriting competitions.
By high school, I knew that music would be a lifetime passion and pursuit. I received a bachelors degree in Songwriting from Berklee College of Music and a masters in Jazz Studies & Piano Performance from the University of Central Oklahoma. I have won songwriting awards, am signed with a publisher, written arrangements and performed in variety of venues across the country. I have taught music for over 10 years in Oregon, Maryland and Oklahoma. Growing up in a big family, working with children is something I’ve always enjoyed. One of my favorite activities was organizing talent shows for all my cousins to perform in at holiday gatherings. I feel very blessed that my profession encompasses so many of the things I enjoy: teaching, performing and songwriting.
I believe that every person is exceptionally creative and talented; it is the job of the teacher to help them unlock & develop these gifts. Research has shown that studying music enhances a child’s total development, (physical, language, cognitive, social, emotional) and the process of regular practice teaches students time management and discipline. My goal as a teacher, is to help students unleash their creativity and musicianship while teaching them the skills to make music their lifetime passion and pursuit.

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