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Tookah Sapper

Tookah Sapper

Teacher in Oklahoma City

Phone: (405) 431-9107
Years Experience: 3
Ages: Any
Travel: Willing to travel

Cherokee musician, Tookah Sapper, from Oklahoma City, holds a Master of Music degree from Manhattan School of Music and a Bachelor of Music degree from the University of Central Oklahoma. “Tookah” means, clear sight and far vision, in the Cherokee language, and is derived from the Cherokee word meaning, “watch tower.”

She began teaching piano and voice lessons in 2017 while living in Princeton, New Jersey, where she taught students of all ages and levels. In 2018, she met Ricardo Veiga who introduced her to The Polaris Method. Since becoming certified as a Polaris Method Instructor herself, she has contributed to further developing The Polaris Method, and is a co-founder of The Polaris Music Studio.

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