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Debbie Kirtley

Oklahoma City, OKI wanted to share my thoughts on my experience with Bruce Piano, of Edmond, Oklahoma.  Just before Christmas, I purchased a 1906, fully restored Sohmer Art Case Grand from Jordan Bruce, and my experience could not have been better!  I had been browsing the internet looking at pianos when I happened onto the Sohmer and was immediately smitten.  As I sat there studying the pictures and marveling at its beauty, suddenly, a chat box popped up—it was Jordan Bruce.  We chatted about the piano, and he was very accommodating, even offering to come in on a Sunday to show the piano.  In subsequent online chats and telephone conversations, he was every bit as accommodating as before, and through the course of our conversations, I learned that he had completed the restoration project on the piano himself, and had spent eight months of his life on the project.  When I went to see and play the piano, his hard work, dedication to achieving a flawless finish, and painstaking attention to every detail were unmistakably apparent—the piano was gorgeous.  Not only is it a fine musical instrument, but is, in every way, an incredible work of art.  Jordan shared with me the various steps of the restoration process—taking the finish down to bare wood and refinishing, sending all the brass parts out for re-plating, and applying new stenciling and decals, just to name a few; it was clear through both his telling of the story and the final result that it was a labor of love.  Upon making the decision to purchase the piano, Jordan arranged to come to my home to assess the trade-in value of my current piano, and quoted a price that I felt was more than fair.  In every aspect, he treated me with fairness and respect, and even went the extra mile to get the piano delivered to my home before Christmas, because, as he put it, “it would be fun” for me to have it before Christmas (which it was!)  Everything about this experience was as it should be.  He dealt fairly and honestly with me, showed integrity in every aspect of the transaction, and was true to his word.  If you are in the market for a musical instrument, I would highly recommend that you make Bruce Piano your first (and only) stop.  I could not be happier–they will definitely be my “go to” source for all things musical in the future!