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I once sat with a couple who wanted to be able to entertain guests with a piano that could play over thousands of songs at the push of a button on their iPhones. But they were worried that it would somehow make the piano less of an instrument.

They are not alone. I speak with plenty of people who worry that adding a player system to a piano, especially a high quality piano, turns it into a toy rather than an instrument. While I understand their concern, the mechanics of a player system reflect how little it influences the instrument.

When you push down on a key it mechanically drives the hammer towards the key, striking a note. What’s the difference between that and a player system? A solenoid triggers the hammer to move without force on the key.

A player piano system doesn’t reduce or cheapen the sound quality of the piano. If you buy a Steinway with a player system it’s still a Steinway, only one with keys that can be played without a pianist.

If you’re interested in a piano that can play thousands of songs on its own, the good news is that we can install the PianoDisc player piano system on any piano. This system can be controlled from your iPhone, iPad or iPod.

A player system doesn’t make your piano any less of a quality instrument, and it gives you a wonderful way to entertain guests at your home or business. If you’re interested in getting a player system installed, contact us today to learn more.