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Mark Schwartz

Teacher in Oklahoma City

Phone: (405) 751-7760
Email: [email protected]
Years Experience: 37
Ages: Any

In 1979, Mark Schwartz established Super Key Music Studios, which grew out of a need for quality instruction that specializes in “Pop” music styles. Pop is sometimes dismissed as being less “serious” music. From the protest songs of the “60s” to the party anthems of today, there’s no other music that captures our emotions, in good times or bad, better than pop. So whether your hearts in country, soul, rock or R&B you’ve found your place at Super Key. Mark felt that combining traditional music techniques with the current pop idom, would give students the tools they need to compete in the ever-changing music industry.

In the beginning Super Key only offered music instruction, but Mark progressively transformed the studio into a full-service recording facility. At present the studio is equiped with the latest digital and analouge technology, from software to hardware. Thus allowing the student or recording artist a nurturing enviornment with hands on experience.

Whether you’re coming to Super Key for a brush-up on technique or creating a major recording project. Super Key is here no matter what stage of development you’re in – beginning or advanced and offers a pleasant enviornment for developing your musical abilities.

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Our Testimonials


My name is David Drennen. I play in a couple of local bands that are heavily driven by piano and keyed instruments. When I began looking for a piano of my own, I had little help locally. I looked all over the city and checked craigslist about a million times for a quality used product. I finally stumbled upon Bruce Piano and was met with so much information and service, it blew my mind. Jordan was so professional and friendly in showing me the products he provided. I met Jordan at his home and he showed me a variety of instruments that fit my budget, everything from spinets to consoles. We finally settled on a 1940’s Baldwin Acrosonic. It has such a sweet and full tone. I fell in love with it instantly. He made the experience of buying my first piano so easy. It was hassle-free. The terms Bruce Piano negotiates for their customers are simple and fair. They moved it to my home and set it up on the spot, all free of charge. It amazes me he even makes a profit on some of the services he provides. Ever since the purchase he has shown up on schedule to make the appropriate adjustments in tuning and has never missed an appointment. If you are interested in owning a piano of your own, skip all of the local and chain stores. Give Jordan Bruce a call and he will set you up. Jordan picks all of his products by hand and then fixes any imperfection they might have before he sells them. You can be assured you’re getting a quality product because he has spent countless hours working on the instrument. If something goes wrong, you can believe Jordan knows how to fix it and will fix it. It only makes sense, you receive a quality product and you save quite a bit of money in the process. I highly recommend Bruce Piano for their value, quality, and service.

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David Drennen

You guys really did a good job and helped me a lot with my piano. Both the people and the piano they sold are nice .Thank you so much!

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Tianyu Cao
Stillwater OK

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