Abraham Hancock

My wife and I purchased a piano from Bruce Piano based on a referral from a friend. I was originally skeptical, and because there was some confusion with their Saturday hours, we almost missed them the day we went to look at pianos to buy one. However, we caught up with them and ended up getting in to look at the pianos on the floor, and they allowed us (including our kids) to try them out, and find one that we love the feel, the sound, and the look. They delivered it to us all the way in Lawton, set it all up, and then came and tuned it once the humidity leveled out and everything settled into the house. They did not hard sell us, or push us into any piano. I am a former salesman, and I did not feel “sold” by Bruce Piano. They simply allowed us to listen to and feel the pianos, and gave us a great deal on the one we loved.

Simply put, we would definitely recommend Bruce Piano to friends, colleagues, random people on the street, or anyone who might ask. Their customer service is stellar, they are personable, they don’t just sell a piano to you. They have a passion for pianos, and they help you find the right one for you. They love pianos, and you’ll love their pianos, too! We did not realize how great the experience of buying a piano can be, but Bruce Piano really made this experience great for us. Thank you all!