Chuck Frantz

Jordan, Thanks for the opportunity to share a little about our experience doing business with your company. Our daughter is now 15 and has taken piano lessons since she was 6. She has never complained that the only thing she had to play at home was a cheap keyboard but when she started taking lessons from a teacher up at the college a couple of years ago she played on the half million dollar grand and started realizing she would like a real piano. We had no idea where or who to contact to look for a piano. It seemed like every time we turned around someone wanted to give a piano away if you would just come get it but when we started looking we could not find anything she liked. Of course we knew she was spoiled after playing the big Bosendorfer at the college and we probably would not be able to find a piano to suit her. That’s were you came in; our friend in OKC happened to know you and recommended for us to contact you. We shared our dilemma and bingo you came thru. You found a piano that was almost new and only a few thousand dollars versus 30 or 40K for a new one like it new. She has loves it and plays it every day. Thank you for taking such good care of us.