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JP Armstrong

My experience with Jordan Bruce from Bruce Piano was related to their Green Piano Removal service. In 1986, I inherited my father’s house and its contents. Included with the other furnishings was a Gulbransen 5 ft., upright piano probably built between 1950-1952. I am selling my father’s home now and wasn’t able to donate the piano because it needed a lot of repair work and no one was interested in purchasing it because of the expense of having it rebuilt/refurbished. My wife found Bruce Piano on the Internet and discovered their Green Piano Removal service. They work with a local recycling company. Per their website, they pick up your piano, take it back to their shop, disassemble it completely, sort all the materials, and then they send the parts off to be recycled. They were an answer to a prayer. Jordan went to great lengths to explain the details of their Green Piano Removal service. It’s obvious that he cares about his work and the service that he provides. I appreciated his sharing and educating me on the process and his complete professionalism. I was astounded at how easy he made moving the piano look. And, he took great care to prevent damage to the piano as he tipped it over to place a specially-built, six-wheel dolly under it. He was also extremely careful to guide the piano through the front room and out the door. The six-wheel dolly was extremely useful in going down the step from the porch to the walkway and into the rear of his trailer. His trailer was equipped with special tie-down receptacles with locking ratchets to secure the piano. It was a pleasure meeting Jordan, learning about his family’s business and knowing that my dad’s piano was going to continue living on through the recycling process and will continue to be useful. I highly recommend Jordan and his family’s business.