Suzy Warmack

Our piano was moved from our home to our son’s home about 8 miles away. The professionalism, calm, and skill of the mover was amazing! He had our piano gently loaded within 10 minutes of his on-time arrival! At our son’s house, he had to put the piano on its side to enter into the designated room. He did this so gently the piano strings never even made a tiny tink or plunk!
I was so appreciative of his concern for and respect of both our homes. He even asked if our floor was hardwood or tile before beginning the move of the piano. The longest part of the job was the drive between the houses! The piano is safe and sound in its new home and we couldn’t be any more appreciative, nor could we give a higher recommendation! We will hold on tightly to the contact information given us by our friends, the Lively family, when they recommended Bruce Piano. We will definitely be using them for any piano-related need and certainly will highly recommend this team to our family and friends.