Toys come and go, and when given as gifts may end up in the toy box and quickly forgotten. By the time they’re remembered we’ve outgrown them.

Yet not matter how old you get, you can always pick up a musical instrument and give it a try. There’s no age limit on lessons, and when that instrument catches on, your gift will always be remembered.

So with Christmas quickly approaching, we’d like to give you some musical gift ideas. We’re usually offering reduced pricing on these items during the holidays, so stop by and give them a try.

1. A piano tune 
If you know a pianist and don’t know what gift to give them, why not get their piano tuned? Better yet, get their piano tuned in time for Christmas carols! Click here to schedule a tuning.

2. Music lessons

We’ve all heard a friend say that they wish they’d stayed with or started learning an instrument. Give them a gift they’ll remember by paying for a few lessons. We’re friends with several instructors teaching a variety of instruments. Click here to see instructors and schedule a lesson.

3. Guitar accessories

There are plenty of great gifts here for your favorite guitarist. From amps to picks and everything in between, you’ll find a lot of great guitar accessories at low prices. Click to see our selection of guitar accessories.

4. Band instruments
Know somebody who’s on the lookout for a new instrument for band? We offer French & English horns, violins, and a wide variety of other band instruments for purchase or on a rent-to-own basis. Click here to see band instruments.

5. A Steinway grand
If you’re going for the Christmas gifts to end all Christmas gifts, we’ve got five beautiful Steinway & Sons grand pianos that are looking for a home. Financing is available for all of these instruments. Click here to view our Steinway & Sons inventory.