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New casters for our custom dollies are here!

We are going to begin this week building new custom dollies for both upright and grand pianos.  We have taken several different ideas we have learned from other movers and from our own experience.  We will show finished products pics … Continue reading

Shop Expansion

Concrete truck is here for the shop expansion!!

Bruce Piano Service is now on Twitter

Join us on Twitter for the latest updates from the shop, new pianos for sale and more. Follow @BrucePianoOK

This is one of my favorite posts…

This was originally posted by a fellow piano technician on Piano World.  He is a very well respected technician and rebuilder.  I thought he answered the question I am asked a lot very well! -Jordan Hi Ed – Going through … Continue reading

Piano Rebuilding/Restoration

A piano not only serves the art of music, it is a work of art itself. A wonderfully complex machine, it has thousands of moving parts, a framework and soundboard supporting tremendous string tension, and beautifully finished cabinetry. Although remarkably … Continue reading

Cleaning Your Piano Keys

Piano keys eventually become soiled with accumulated oil and dirt from fingers. To clean your white keys, use a soft cloth dampened with water and a small amount of mild soap. Avoid solvents. Make sure the cloth is thoroughly wrung … Continue reading

Care of specific piano finish types

The two most common piano finishes are lacquer and polyester. Either material may come in clear, black, white, or other colors. Check your piano’s owner information booklet to determine the type and recommended care of your piano’s finish, or ask … Continue reading

Piano Finish Care

The piano is unique among musical instruments because it also serves as fine furniture for the home. In fact, the term “piano finish” has traditionally been used to describe the highest standards in wood finishing. Properly maintaining that fine finish … Continue reading

Piano Voicing Explained

Every piano has its own unique sound. One might be described as ‘glassy,’ another as ‘warm’. One might have a ‘full singing’ tone, and yet another sounds ‘thin.’ Although the original design establishes the basic character of your piano’s tone, … Continue reading

Piano Regulation

As a conscientious piano owner, you probably have your piano tuned regularly by a qualified technician. You may, however, notice a deterioration of its performance despite regular tuning. It’s important to note that tuning is only the adjustment of the … Continue reading

Basic Rules Of Piano Care

Keep your piano in tune. It was specifically designed to be tuned to the international pitch standard of A-440 cycles per second. Your piano will sound its best and give you and your family the most pleasure when it is … Continue reading

The new site is finally here!!

After about a year of planning and deciding what content to add and what new features to add, the new site is finally here!  We still have a lot of work to do to get everything added and running properly, … Continue reading

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