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Even with as many rebuilds and restorations we have done, it is always a big honor to be selected to rebuild a family heirloom.  This piano had been in this Oklahoma City’s family for decades.  We we able to use the original soundboard, but installed new bridges, restrung the piano with new bass and treble strings, new tuning pins, rebronzed the harp, refinished the piano and the stool seat they had with it (not original but it also had been in the family a long time) and refinished a Jansen artist bench to match, installed new hammers, shanks, and flanges, and reconditioned the original whippens, installed a new back action, and regulated the piano to play its optimal level.

It was a long project, but as you can see from the photos, it really was a beautiful canvas to work off of!  Such great lines in the case with such beautiful, unique veneer.  It really is a gem!  Check out the 200 plus photos of the restoration below: