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If you’ve noticed that your keyboard has uneven keys resulting in inconsistent keystroke during play, it may be time to replace your keyboard felts.

What are keyboard felts?

There are three sets of felts in your piano, and they have a couple of important functions. First, they absorb the noises caused by the moving mechanical parts of the piano. Second, the felts maintain the height of the keys and the depth of the keystroke.

When should you replace keyboard felts?

Like all of your piano’s parts, the keyboard felts change with age and play. They become thinner and harder. As this happens, they gradually lose their ability to keep an even height and keystroke for all of the keys.

You may notice early signs of keyboard felt issues when the keys don’t play consistently. Most piano owners will notice this problem when they see the unattractive appearance of a keyboard with uneven keys.

We recommend other services along with keyboard refelting.

Whenever a repair involves taking a piano apart, we usually recommend performing other repair while we have access. It’s a bit more efficient to perform three repairs while the piano is apart than to take apart the piano three times.

If it’s time to replace the keyboard felts, the following replacements / upgrades could be performed at the same time:

  • Key leveling (highly recommended)
  • Key dip reset (highly recommended)
  • Keybed cleaning
  • Key examination and repairs if needed
  • Rail key pin examination and repair (if needed)

Does your piano need new keyboard felts? Contact us online or at 405-749-3540.