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Instrument Spotlight: Yamaha U1 and U3

Yamaha uprights have consistently been one of the most popular piano models in our showroom, particularly for teachers and intermediate-level students. For those of you who haven’t tried out these pianos or considered owning one, I’ve written this post to give … Continue reading

Refelting Your Keyboard

If you’ve noticed that your keyboard has uneven keys resulting in inconsistent keystroke during play, it may be time to replace your keyboard felts. What are keyboard felts? There are three sets of felts in your piano, and they have … Continue reading

How Humidity Affects Your Piano

You can trace just about every piano aging issue back to one problem – humidity. Because it is made of wood, humidity is the primary threat to its condition. In this post I want to explain how humidity impacts the … Continue reading

How to Fix Loose Tuning Pins

If your piano isn’t quite holding a tune the way that it used to, loose tuning pins could be to blame. This is a common problem with old pianos, though new pianos can have pinblock issues as well. In this … Continue reading

The Myth of Gray Market Pianos

Every now and then a customer looks at one of the Yamaha or Kawai pianos in our showroom and asks, “Is this one of those ‘gray market’ pianos?” I know then that they’ve run into some pretty popular propaganda. Where … Continue reading

Does Your Piano Need Regulation?

If you’ve ever noticed that not all of the keys are playing evenly, and that sound quality is suffering, your piano might need regulation. Last month I wrote about the touch and tone of a piano. Regulation is how technicians … Continue reading

Did Your Spinet Break an Elbow?

Are there a couple of keys on the family piano that aren’t working? If that piano is an old spinet, there’s a good chance that your problem is a broken elbow. Elbows are an integral piece in the mechanics of … Continue reading

How to Use Touch and Tone to Choose Your Piano

It might surprise you to know that a lot of the customers who come into the showroom looking for a piano don’t know what they like. If you’re a little confused about what to look for in a piano, we’d … Continue reading

Restoring vs Replacing Ivory Keytops

Years of wear will take a toll on ivory keytops, and the once beautiful ivory will become unsightly. Some keytops may get cracked or become dislodged. You’ve got two choices: restore the ivories or replace them. Neither of these are … Continue reading

How the garage can ruin your piano

What do you do with the family piano when you need more room in your home for an extended period of time? If you are thinking that you’d just put it in the garage, this post could save you around … Continue reading

Oklahoma Governor’s Mansion Steinway Restoration

Recently we were given the opportunity to restore a 1920 Steinway A from the Oklahoma governor’s mansion. While the piano was in the shop we restrung it using genuine Steinway parts, and refinished it in stunning ebony. Here are some photos … Continue reading

The Value of a Player Piano System

I once sat with a couple who wanted to be able to entertain guests with a piano that could play over thousands of songs at the push of a button on their iPhones. But they were worried that it would … Continue reading

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